Introducing the Drake “Stubbie” Tenor Mouthpiece

“For several years now I have had this mouthpiece in mind.  After going through multiple prototypes and a lot of experimentation, it is finally ready.  There is something about the classic combination of the design elements that makes this a very special mouthpiece.  I hope you feel the same way when you play one. “

– Aaron Drake

This classic vintage design is modeled after the highly desirable “Stubbies” from the 1950’s.  This mouthpiece features very deep undercutting on the side walls and a  large chamber.   Couple this with a medium high rollover baffle and a classic tapered window design, and you have the recipe for a killer piece! Wonderfully free blowing and brilliantly responsive from the bottom to the top of the horn.

These handmade mouthpieces are made from a one piece casting technique, and are finished entirely by hand..

Each mouthpiece is finished in 24K gold plate and includes a Rovner L3 cap and ligature.

We are planning to offer this new model on our website after we return from the Musikmesse in April.  Please let us know if you would like to get on the preorder list.


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