Introducing the New Eddie Daniels “Open Secret” Masters Series Tenor Model

Eddie Daniels WordPress

I am very pleased to announce that the Eddie Daniels “Open Secret” Tenor mouthpiece is here!  Eddie and I worked together on this mouthpiece design for two and half years.  Here is a video from Eddie’s new DVD “Live at Vitello’s” (available soon) playing on this new tenor model.

As part of our Drake Masters Series, Eddie’s tenor model is called the “Open Secret” because not everyone knows what an amazing tenor player Eddie is.

This mouthpiece is designed for players who prefer a closer, more manageable tip opening.  The facing is specially calibrated to offer the player the greatest ease and comfort, while facilitating a colorful and expressive range of possibilities.

Available tip openings 5*,6,6*,7

The open secret being that “Beautiful, centered, flexible sound is “best” made with a close, easy to play mouthpiece.” Eddie

You can pre-order this mouthpiece by contacting us at or visit our Master Series page at Drake to learn more about our other music icons in this line.


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