New Drake Artist John Isley on his “Stubbie” Tenor Model Mouthpiece

John for Drake vid

“We saxophone players spend a lot of time in  pursuit of a “voice” on the instrument. We spend a lot of time dissecting the unique voices of the great masters and emulating them trying to unlock their  magic and absorb a bit for ourselves. Then we move on to finding our own, unique voice.
The ultimate pursuit in the great hunt for THE ONE mouthpiece that fits you is to find a  mouthpiece that allows your  “inner sound”  – the sound you hear in your  head when you think in  saxophone – to come forth with  effortless ease. I’ve owned and played some fantastic mouthpieces throughout my career. But withAaron’s “Stubbie”, I feel I’ve found the mouthpiece that wasmade for my  voice. I’m attaining  MY  sound,  without compromise. With  effortless response and a  wonderful depth  of nuance and array of color; from post-bop to funk and soul, I just love the way this mouthpiece plays.
Find your voice, too. Play a Drake…”

Check out his new artist page to see Johns testimonial and learn more at:

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