Great New Video of Drake Artist Guido Nijs on his NY Jazz Tenor Model

Hi Everyone,
Check out this great solo by our Artist Guido Nijs on his NY Jazz 7* model playing Mellow Mood with The Jazzinvaders earlier this year @ Lantaren Venster Rotterdam.

Guido Nijs vid 2


To check out Guido Nijs Artist page at Drake visit us at

To learn more about the Drake NY Jazz Tenor model check out

and you can connect to the Jazzinvaders @

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Drake Mouthpieces hits 10,000 Likes on Facebook – Thank You!

To our community of players and appreciators of handcrafted quality we
thank you so much for your continued support and participation with us at Drake.

If you haven’t visited our Facebook page recently, come by and see all the great videos and content we try to update weekly at


Drake Celebrating tenthousand likes

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New Drake Artist John Isley on his “Stubbie” Tenor Model Mouthpiece

John for Drake vid

“We saxophone players spend a lot of time in  pursuit of a “voice” on the instrument. We spend a lot of time dissecting the unique voices of the great masters and emulating them trying to unlock their  magic and absorb a bit for ourselves. Then we move on to finding our own, unique voice.
The ultimate pursuit in the great hunt for THE ONE mouthpiece that fits you is to find a  mouthpiece that allows your  “inner sound”  – the sound you hear in your  head when you think in  saxophone – to come forth with  effortless ease. I’ve owned and played some fantastic mouthpieces throughout my career. But withAaron’s “Stubbie”, I feel I’ve found the mouthpiece that wasmade for my  voice. I’m attaining  MY  sound,  without compromise. With  effortless response and a  wonderful depth  of nuance and array of color; from post-bop to funk and soul, I just love the way this mouthpiece plays.
Find your voice, too. Play a Drake…”

Check out his new artist page to see Johns testimonial and learn more at:

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Another great video from Drake Artist David Beecroft on his “Son of Slant” 8 mouthpiece

Beecroft ending SOS tenor

SOS Large Chamber

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Drake Artist LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson featured in Crain’s Twenty in their 20’s

Drake Mouthpiece Artist LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson has a nice article published in Crain’s Twenty in their 20’s issue. You can check out the article at this link

Saxappeal 20 in their 20s

You can learn even more about LaDarrel at his Artist page on our site at

LaDarrel is playing the Drake Contemporary Alto model


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Video Parts 2 and 3 of Jerry Bergonzi Soloing on his Masters Series mouthpiece earlier this year.

Hi Everyone.

Here are the final 2 video installments of some great performances from our Masters Series Artist Jerry Bergonzi. Enjoy.

Drake Intro Video Screen ending

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